Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Culture Club

I love hearing about companies with great culture. Not those who claim to have a great culture, but those that demonstrate it and let their employees yell from the treetops. 

There are no better brand advocates then those people who work, live and talk about a brand all day long. Believing in a brand and having an emotional connection to the work they do is important for many. For many, a job is a job and that shows when it comes to making a product, experience or company go from good to exceptional.
Tough Mudder is famous for its extreme obstacle courses. But even employees who aren’t scaling walls for a living are encouraged to push real-world boundaries.

I have run the gamut of cultures that I have been a part of throughout my career and can look back to see those organizations that had and continue to have great culture are thriving and those that had a bad culture or none at all are extinct or on the brink of it.

Racewalking: a True Competitor’s Dream from L3Creations on Vimeo.

"Be as proud of the people you build as the company you build."

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