Thursday, May 16, 2013

Physical Activity as Wonder Drug

Bouker Pool – Proud Ambassador of New Campaign to Get Americans More Fit & More Healthy

New York, NY – May16, 2013 -- Bouker Pool is proud to become an ambassador for PHIT America, a new cause dedicated to help America overcome the obesity and sedentary crisis while helping to prevent health care cost before they happen.  Today, the percentage of Americans who are sedentary is increasing. And, we all know how obesity is driving up health care costs.

PHIT America ( is a new initiative launched by the sports and fitness industry to increase the number of Americans who play sports or get active and fit. Research conclusively shows sports and fitness activities help Americans burn calories, get fit, build self-esteem, and reduces other medical and physical issues. According to Dr. Thomas Frieden, Director of the CDC, “Physical Activity is the wonder drug”.
Launched in January 2013, PHIT America distributes News Flashes and articles to Americans through its network of 130+ sponsors. As one of PHIT America’s Ambassadors, Bouker is helping to spread the word about the importance of an active lifestyle.

On, you will see the latest news and trends on the obesity and sedentary crisis, advantages of getting fit and active, why physical education is so important, and a new “yellow pages” of places to play sports and get active throughout the U.S. 

“Once you click on the red Participate bar on, you will see a list of 60 different sports or activities,” said PHIT America founder Jim Baugh.  “Then, click on any sport and you will see different ways of being active, each with search engines giving locations in your area.”

PHIT America is also supportive of two pieces of U.S. legislation that will help create a more active, healthy America. The PEP Program supports school districts with grants for physical education programs. Today, the average school budget for physical education is only $764 per year and 48% of schools have NO physical education at all for students. Schools and our children need the continued support from the PEP Program.

The PHIT Act is another important piece of legislation. It would allow Americans to use Pre-Tax Medical Accounts to get reimbursed for physical activity expenses. As Baugh states, “We need to give Americans an incentive to get active and fit. The PHIT Act will help families across America find more economical ways to be playing sports, join a sports league or join a fitness class.”

Both of these pieces of legislation would help prevent health care costs by getting America more active and fit. We encourage everyone to send a letter to Congress with your support. There is an easy to use approach at

For more information on PHIT America, go to You will be proud of the cause that you will be supporting.


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