Tuesday, June 18, 2013

One Brilliant 'BRAND'

Back from a little vacation with the family following the last day of school and the start of summer camp for Weck.
Getting caught up, I have to share one of the best morning show interviews of all time.

My wife is a die hard MSNBC 'Morning Joe' viewer and I watch, well listen, while reading the morning news and surfing my twitter feed.

I applaud Mika Brzezinski for her fight on the American obesity epidemic and physical fitness, her book, Obsessed, is a good read.

The program has jumped the shark when it comes to being relevant to pop culture and entertainment, as for current news events and politics, that is up for debate, but one thing is clear, It is time for Willie Geist to take his rightful place as the new host of the TODAY Show.

Yesterday, the program had Russell Brand on to promote his new stand up comedy tour "Messiah Complex" and what transpired is truly awesome.

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Anonymous said...

The interview is worth watching at least 3 times!