Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Product Review: Trail-Gator - The Bicycle Tow Bar

We are a family on the go and at every turn I am looking for products that allow Weck (my four-year-old son) to take part.

Weck has progressed through bikes a lot like he has outgrown shoes, from a custom Skuut wooden balance bike, from his uncle Hank, to a 12" Free Agent Lil' Speedy pedal bike with training wheels, the training wheels were removed and he rode the Lil' Speedy until this summer when he outgrew it. He now has a Specialized 16" HotRock which he loves.

As he is only four, we are often riding too far or on terrain that he cannot quite ride yet. This got me looking for a solution to allow him to take part in the family outings and also have the ability to ride his bike along parts of the journey.

After looking at a number of products, I was not quite seeing a solution, then I came across the Trail-Gator. This was exactly what I wanted and promptly ordered one.

The installation was simple and straight forward.

It is a great product that quickly allows me to attach and detach his bike from mine. We now go everywhere on our bikes and Weck is always along for the ride and/or 'tow'.


fraba said...

Is your trail gator compatible with the 16" Hotrock? If so can you shoot me a picture of the attachment point to see how it is configured?

Bouker Pool said...

It did work with the 16" Hotrock. I don't have any pictures of the attachment as my son has grown out of the bike and we no longer need the gator. There are pretty straight forward "U" bolts and clamping plate that attach to the headtube of the bike.