Monday, October 7, 2013

Ironman Kona Week

The tweets and Facebook posts of those winging their way to Kona have been in full swing for a few days, and now we are starting to get the chatter and images of all the happenings in the lead up to the Ironman World Championship from the island.
I, some day, hope to be there as a participant.

Long ago, I made a promise to myself that I would never go to this event unless I was a qualified participant; not a lottery winner (I don't enter), a corporate partner entrant or charity bib holder; I would go because I earned the right to be there.

As long as I have worked in the endurance industry, I have still never been. There have been times when I've been close and times where I've never been further away.

I will never forget my one Ironman race and would love to capture the feeling of crossing that finish line.
This year I started working myself back to a place where I can enter events and attempt to earn my place among the world's best. I still have a long road from the home-grown sprint triathlons to Ironman qualification and the trip to Kona, but I feel good with the slow rise and foundation I've been building.

To keep motivated and understand the history of the suffering and legend born from this race, I read IRON WAR. This was a compelling story of two of the greatest triathletes of all time, their battle with one another and the battles within themselves.

This book was threatened to never be published as Dave Scott and Mark Allen sued the publisher and authors.

Eventually, I believe edits were made to appease them and get the book out. I was lucky enough to read the unedited version...excellent read.
Best of luck to all those athletes in Kona and keep the motivational pictures coming!

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