Tuesday, October 1, 2013

OGIO - Bandit Backpack

School is in session.

After a few weeks of testing and toting around the OGIO Bandit Backpack, I'm transported back to my college days.

I'm not much of a backpack guy in my professional life, I prefer something more professional and sophisticated.
Photo courtesy of  Amanda Talar                                                

I've been using my Brooks Brixton Tote & Shoulder Bag and Brooks Barbican Shoulder Bag regularly over the last two years and feel they are functional and fit better with a suit in an NYC professional setting.

When I need more of a sporting gear backpack to carry workout, cycling, triathlon, running gear and some work items I have been using an old Pearl Izumi backpack. Which is neither professional looking or sophisticated, but it is functional.
Image courtesy of QBP

Don't get me wrong, The OGIO Bandit Backpack is a great product, it just does not fit with how I use bags/backpacks in my day to day activities.

As part of my involvement with the OGIO Advisory Staff here are my thoughts on the backpack and functionality.

This thing has a ton of pockets and if you aren't careful you could forget where you put something in the bag. The construction is solid and the fit is very comfortable.

I am impressed with the details like the felt lining in pockets to protect electronics, sunglasses and various items. There are plenty of compartments for laptop, tablet, chargers, cameras, iPod, etc.

If you wanted to use this as a commuter backpack, I think you would struggle with the lack of space for the addition of books or notebooks and/or clothing and shoes as the compartments are specifically designed for their laptops and tablets, there is very little extra volume.

This backpack is perfect for traveling to races and using as a carry-on. It is also ideal for students and those people who prefer to use a backpack in their profession.

I'm still looking for the sophisticated commuter bag that can handle a number of different jobs while looking professional with great functionality and not  looking like a middle school student.

Using an OGIO product as a foundation (albeit from the women's line) with the Brooks Brixton Tote & Shoulder Bag that I own and use with the Brooks Islington Rucksack, is what I wish I could morph into one:

What do you use? Any great bags you've come across and suggest I check out?

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