Thursday, October 10, 2013

OGIO - Endurance 9.0 Bag

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

PRODUCT: OGIO Endurance 9.0
MSRP: $160

  • High-Tensile strength, durable, lightweight construction
  • Crush resistant molded EVA lockable armored pocket
  • Molded EVA “Tech Vault” protective electronics interior pocket
  • H20 resistant wet/dry clothes storage compartment
  • 360° air flow ventilation gusset in wet/dry compartment
  • Fully adjustable ventilated pack style shoulder straps with ventilated back panel padding
This bag will make you a winner before you even start the race.

I've used a number of bags over the years to carry cycling, triathlon and running gear and none of them have been exceptional...until now and the OGIO Endurance 9.0 bag.

I have always been a fan of OGIO bags as they are durable and designed with the athlete in mind. While I was not a huge fan of the OGIO Bandit Backpack because of my personal preferences, that bag is also well thought out.

When I first got my hands on the Endurance 9.0 it took me awhile to navigate as there are a ton of pockets and compartments. The bag is not too big and unruly, it is a compact unit with a ton of space for everything you could want to pack in a gear bag.

I previously used an Oakley duffel bag that I loved due to the pockets and storage capabilities. After 10+ years it has seen better days.

 There is a cool 'Tech Vault' pocket to store and protect glasses and watches. It has a removable divider so you can divide the space how best suits you.

The ample shoe compartment easily fits two pairs of shoes. The one design flaw and aspect I prefer from my Oakley bag is that this pocket extends into the main compartment cannibalizing space there. On the Oakley bag, shoes fit vertically in the pocket and thereby not needing to infringe on other space within the bag.

 One of the side compartments is divided up tofit a buffet of nutritional products and other items.

An equally nice side storage pocket on the opposite side is perfect for tools and other small items.

The bag has two zip-out water bottle holders, a nice touch is the stretch material to accommodate various size bottles.

On the opposite end from the shoe compartment is a pocket for more of your stuff as well as holding a mesh helmet strap. Easily stored away when not needed. Additionally, there is a clip strap to hang the bag vertically from a rack in transition creating a locker type setup.

On the underside of the bag there is a large expandable compartment to hold wet or dirty gear.

Check out more at the OGIO website

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