Friday, November 15, 2013

The Red Bull Effect?

The Under Armour purchase of MapMyFitness has me thinking about how brands are evolving, creating numerous distinct touch-points and becoming much more diverse in the way they reach consumers.

Red Bull has mastered this evolution and has become so much more than a sugary, caffeinated drink.
The Red Bull brand is an iconic status symbol for millions of action sports fans, participants and viewers.
If any unbelievable stunt, trick or action sports feat is to happen, you can guarantee Red Bull branding, media and/or support is right there.
 And, apparently this sells a lot of cans of sugary, caffeinated drink.

One could argue that Nike has plowed the path for brands to step out to engage and inspire consumers in a bigger than the product approach.
While Nike may be a dominant brand in sports, they have not been as aggressive in leading unique content development nor capturing user generated content.
The Nike+ Fuel Band is a technology product that has them at the forefront of wearable tracking and data, but because they entered the market leading with a device as opposed to the platform, will they lose out to open platforms that accept all (Nike+, FitBit, Jawbone, Garmin, etc.) device data and create a more unique consumer experience.

Under Armour's acquisition in the trackable/mapping fitness world could be the platform play to Nike's device play. The deal could mean a lot of things and send the brand down various paths. Kevin Plank, UA's CEO, doesn't give too much insight into plans, but certainly knows he just bought 20 million people's information, data and user generated content within the participatory/healthy active lifestyle.

Will Under Armour use this as a launching pad to dominate the industry and have UA become synonymous with fitness/participatory sports?
 Time will tell...

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