Wednesday, January 8, 2014

AMRAP Nutrition

More real food nutrition from AMRAP
PRODUCT:      Refuel Bar
MSRP:              $23.95 (Box of 8 bars)
Life is busy and full; we often need 36 hours in a day to get everything done. Between school, work, family, social activities, and your daily WOD, it sometimes takes a miracle to get the nutrition you need when you need it most. The AMRAP Refuel Bar is just that miracle. It is a convenient way to replenish your body when you need it most - between meals.
Our Refuel Bar is a protein bar that contains nothing but good, clean, raw, uncooked ingredients and is 100% Paleo!
I am always in search of nutritional products made from real food and not loaded with a bunch
chemicals, fillers and ingredients I cannot pronounce.

The AMRAP Refuel Bar is a simple, good and effective product. I integrated it into my nutritional plan a few weeks prior to the new year and have enjoyed its simplicity as a snack/fuel bar before workouts, while on long rides as well as a post-workout quick refuel.

I have had zero GI distress and feel the energy from one bar to be a great compliment for my training plan.
As a first nutritional product from AMRAP, this is solid. I look forward to more flavors to have some diversity.

I highly suggest endurance athletes who prefer real food nutritional supplements and products try the AMRAP Refuel Bar.
Raw Almond Butter, Unsweetened Coconut, Egg White Protein Powder, 
Raw Sesame Seeds, Raw Almond Chunks, Raw Honey, 
Ground Cinnamon, Sea Salt

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