Monday, January 27, 2014


John Buccigross of ESPN has written a great piece about backyard hockey and put into words what many people call insanity...until...they experience the joy firsthand!

Energy, creativity, selflessness and affection
By John Buccigross | ESPN

Over the past few weeks my son and I have experienced the joy of hockey on our outdoor rink, but before we were "floating inches above the ground" we shared the moments of planning, building and preparing our ice sanctuary.

Our first stop was Home Depot to get eight 2x10x16 boards, brackets, a roll of 6mil plastic and an outdoor light.

We laid out our boards on the patio and got to work securing them together.

With the frame in place and secure, it was time to roll out the plastic liner.

With the plastic liner in place we broke out the hose to fill in our first layer.

We had to adjust for the slope of the patio, but got a good frozen layer down on our first night.

With the first layer of water down, we waited for the impending snow storm to help us fill in the rest and build up the ice depth.

Frigid temperatures and the big snowfall helped get the rink ready for skaters in a short time.
The first test skate.

By the time Friday rolled around and our multi-family French Fry Friday feast, we were able to hold a good play session prior to the big feast.

With cold temperatures continuing we are looking forward to some more good times.

Let's Play Hockey!

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