Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Future of Conferences

Yesterday I watched a few of the panels online that were a part of the #SportsConf and since then I have watched the videos of those I missed.

Check out the panels here:

This was a well done program with some excellent panelists and topics. I especially liked the fresh faces and new perspectives.

The content at many conferences in the sports & entertainment industry has become stale as conference organizers go back to the well for the same panelists with the same insights year after year and focus on name brands, big personalities and those with PR agencies. In addition, they charge silly fees to sit in hotel conference rooms to hear prepared PR pitches and high level philosophical speak. Lost is the opportunity to hear from the people who do the real work, are on the front lines all day and are creating disruption in the industry.

With media distribution becoming more fragmented and access to great free content online, I see value in these online conferences as real venues to learn and interact. Not to say the live conference is dead, because they serve a valuable purpose of networking, live face-to-face conversation and relationship building.

I'm looking forward to more of these online events.

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