Thursday, February 20, 2014

Carrying the Weight

I recently reviewed the OGIO Bandit Backpack and while I liked the product I was still left with the feeling that a backpack should be for those in school or headed to the gym on a bike.

I came across this recent article in the Wall Street Journal bestowing the virtues of the briefcase:

Wall Street Journal
Making the Case for the Briefcase
The traditional carrier has gotten lost in the pool of menswear accessories—from portfolios to backpacks. It's time to get attached to the attaché
'If a guy has a gym bag, I assume he's going to the gym. If he has a backpack, I assume he doesn't care.'
Always a fan of a good bag/briefcase, I often change between bags that I use. It may be seasonal, it may be due to travel frequency or it may be convenience. Here is what I am currently carting around:

Made in ITALY
The Brixton is a most versatile satchel, which can be easily expanded to become a tote. For use as a shoulder bag, it features a strap similar to that of the Barbican shoulder bag, the ends of which can be pulled together around the waist to increase stability whilst riding. The dimensions of the bag are compatible with our Hoxton Basket, in which it can be comfortably accommodated when shopping. Water Resistant Cotton Fabric and Vegetable Tanned Leather. $260

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