Monday, March 3, 2014

Live Your Passion

Growing up in Colorado, I had my fair share of ski days and was one of those guys who could not wait for the newest installment of the Warren Miller ski films to hit the Paramount Theater each Fall.

Scot Schmidt, Glen Plake, Doug Coombs and, in later years, Shane McConkey became running images in my head as I would race around Vail Mountain with my two younger brothers and our friends seeing who could rip the sickest lines, drop the dopest cliff or pull the lamest prank. Those were some fun times and led me to becoming a ski instructor and making sure the skiing lifestyle remained a part of my life.

Now, living on the east coast, we have to make more of an effort to get to the mountain and relive some of those past blue-bird Back Bowl glory days as well as share with our son one of our greatest passions.

I finally got around to watching the Shane McConkey film and was reminded of what it is to live your passion and enjoy being in the moment. I was fortunate enough to meet Shane once and now marvel at how living his passion changed the ski industry forever.

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