Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Is In The Air

It is about time we saw the sun and felt the warmth of its rays here on the east coast.

I spent the end of last week in bed with Influenza B, not a fun situation and I'm am glad that is over. 
Now it is time to kick things into gear to get back into shape, lose a little winter girth and rev up the metabolism to take advantage of summer BBQs.

I thought I had a great head start earlier in the year by powering through the worst part of the winter with a 30 consecutive days, 30-minutes outdoor run streak, followed up with some good indoor bike roller time.
Unfortunately, work, family and life caught up with me and I let the training sessions slip with only weekend outings being consistent.

Here goes...let's hope I can make this stick and make progress before the dogs get a hold of summer!

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