Monday, May 15, 2017

Bicycle Commuter Style

When I lived in San Diego I loved commuting to work on my bike. 

Taking off in the early morning from our home in La Jolla to navigate 14 miles of roads, trails, highways and singletrack, I often opted for the mountain bike (it was good training for the Leadville MTB 100). 

I would cruise through the town of La Jolla, down past the Shores and climb up to the UCSD campus, getting a good dirt section diving into the woods on the backside of campus before racing downhill to the highway.

Our offices were in Mira Mesa, and the direct bike route included a section of I-5. Nothing like an early morning buzz by cars and trucks going 80 mph. After the death defying highway rip I would get to the best part of the ride with multiple opportunities to extend my ride through Los Penasquitos Canyon. Finally, up Lopez Canyon and down the road to the office park housing our corporate offices.

I was fortunate to have a locker and shower facilities to clean up and get dressed for the work day.

Bike commuting in a city environment is not as easy and more often than not requires it be done in work clothes. When we moved back to New York I picked up a unique, functional and stylish tailored Jacket, created by Rapha in partnership with British bespoke tailor Timothy Everest. It is essentially a version of the top half of the 2009 bespoke cycling suit.

The jacket is made from a unique nanotechnology based 100% wool fabric that’s both water/stain resistant and designed to keep your body at optimal temperatures – hot or cold.

The technical biking features are in place throughout the jacket: front hems that can be buttoned away from the legs, storm collar, rear pocket, action back pleats at the shoulders, zipped key pocket on the left arm with lanyard, working cuff buttons, dual in-breast pockets, iPod cable routing loops, and light touches of Rapha’s signature pink Melton wool trim.

Rapha still has a more generic cycling sport jacket available, the Lapelled Jacket, but it lacks the style, sophistication and technically elements to the Timothy Everest offering.

I recently saw a similar offering from Parker Dusseau, the Commuter Suit.

Nothing will replace having a locker and shower to clean up for the work day post-ride; It is nice to see more products being offered for the stylish bicycle commuter.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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