Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Quarq Swap

A few years ago I changed out my wired SRM power meter for a wireless Quarq wireless Cinqo.

While I logged a lot of miles with the SRM and it provided copious data for me to crunch while training for some big events, I was ready for a device and solution to have GPS and all the power data in one place. I had grown tired of the SRM head unit and having to have another device to track my routes.

The Quarq Cinqo was a great solution early on, it worked with my Garmin and had great battery life. While I was weening myself off training by just power numbers it was still nice to get back from a ride and see where my fitness was at the time.

As time went on the battery life from the crank unit kept falling off until it started eating batteries like pac-man. I would go through a battery a week and the last straw was when I drained two batries in one week. I first reached out to Quarq when I first was experiencing battery issues and got no response, I didn't make much of it and found some others on the internet with the same issues. I chalked it up to a bug and hopefully Quarq would send out a firm ware fix. Nothing came from Quarq and I grew a bit disenchanted with the brand and their lack of response to my inquiries.

Early this year Aaron Hersh, the tech editor at Triathlete Magazine tweeted (@TriathleteTech) out about power meters and I replied to him my dissatisfaction with Quarq. A Twitter conversation ensued with Quarq being mentioned and chiming in for me to contact them again.

I sent Quarq an email detailing my issues and asked for a solution that did not include me having to shell out for a new power meter. They had me send in my Cinqo and a few days later a new Rikin unit showed up on my existing SRAM crank. In the package was a nice new Quarq water bottle (who doesn't like getting a new bottle to replace an old one?) and fresh installation hardware.

All has ended well and I have installed the new power meter and am enjoying not having to think about a dead battery.

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