Friday, May 30, 2014

Tuning Out the Watts

I admit it. I was once a watts junkie.
SRM and then Quarq and Training Peaks were my enablers.
All of my rides were about w/kg, kilojoules, 5/10/20/30/60 minute watts.
Then along came Strava.
The obsession shifted from watts to KOMs, CRs and PRs.

As the Strava community grew, my KOMs & CRs became the property of others and my pretty little badges disappeared.

That is when riding became fun again.

I set out to discover new roads and stopped riding the same routes thinking I might improve my ranking.

I have not completely given up on improving my w/kg or nabbing a KOM or CR here or there, but I have stopped being a slave to technology. I still ride and run with a GPS watch or computer and log all my activities. The achievements are now finding a great new road, a hidden path, a pretty little town, a local coffee shop, an enormous mansion and all those things you miss when staring down at a digital read out. At the end of the day looking at a map and seeing where my journey took me is my reward.

I still have my set routes when I need to just get out and burn off the calories and booze from a night of gluttony or to just clear the mind and reset the day, but if time allows I'm deviating from the routine.

Get out and ride like a kid again!

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