Monday, July 21, 2014

IN Refresh: hydrate with desert & tropical plants

The world’s first all-natural electrolyte drink made from the most hydrating fruits on the planet.

IN Refresh – Hydrate with Desert and Tropical Plants

IN Refresh is the world’s first electrolyte drink to harness the riches of desert and tropical plants, all in one place. It combines some of the most hydrating and nourishing fruits and plants on the planet, to provide you with the energy you need, when you need it. 
Dragon fruit, prickly pear, aloe vera, pomegranate, cranberry and coconut water are naturally rich in electrolytes, anti-oxidants, flavonoids and other good stuff that your cells need to produce energy for your body and mind
But walking around with a prickly pear in your pocket is a bit impractical, so we decided to create a way people could get all the benefits of these superfoods while on the go

What's the IN Refresh Difference?

As recreational athletes ourselves, we felt frustrated with the electrolyte choices on the market: products packed full of processed sugars, artificial ingredients and cheap fillers that can lead to tummy upset and long term health issues. For example, leading sports drinks can have up to 35 grams of processed sugar (almost 9 teaspoons) per 20 ounces, not to mention the other ingredients! 
We think people deserve better than that. As athletes who want to stay active for life, treating our bodies right is fundamental. Our team consulted with nutritionists, doctors, professional trainers & athletes to create the perfect hydration solution. 
We Make IN Refresh from Pure Plant & Fruit Extracts
While many other electrolyte products are fruit flavored or include powdered juice, none provide the pure fruit and plant extracts found in IN Refresh. Our fruit extracts are not mere flavoring! They are the foundation of our product, and provide natural, real food based electrolytes that are easily absorbed and digested. IN Refresh is also free of processed sugars or fillers such as maltodextrin - all killer no filler! 
We pack every serving full of 100% plant based, real food ingredients. IN Refresh is vegangluten-free, and we ONLY use non GMO ingredients. 

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