Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What's Your Next Race?

I was on a run the other day with an old friend and he asked if I was signed up for any upcoming races. This was not the first time I'd been asked this question, and in thinking about it, I am often asked this exact question.

Have I always been training for the next race? Has my routine and approach to keeping fit been all about the next race and preparation? Have I lost perspective on what it is to just do things for fun and have the byproduct be fitness? Is crossing a finish line and/or ticking a "bucket list" event off my to do list what it all has become for me and what I'm associated with?

My answer to my old friend was along the lines of; nothing on the calendar, but I'm keeping up some training and keeping in good enough shape that should the opportunity present itself, I can jump into a race. I have become less focused on running and biking to include other activities. It has helped me appreciate any and all of the times I get out for a good run or bike ride and not just feeling like work.

Actually, I don't race as much as I once did. Not because I don't want to, but because my life has changed with family and my son taking priority and devoting a bunch of time to train and scheduling weekends around my events is not as important.

I have enjoyed trying new things and becoming reacquainted with activities I use to enjoy.

One of my new loves on these hot humid mornings is stand up paddle boarding (SUP). I get out early and enjoy the focus, balance and solitude of the activity. I have noticed that it gives me a good core workout and activates some small muscles, while the biggest benefit has been the clarity of thought and lack of distractions.

An old activity I have become reunited with is tennis. I have broken out my 1988 Prince racket and joined a bunch of guys at our club for one weeknight of tennis clinic and some matches on the weekends. While my skills have disappeared, my fitness has given me the ability to chase down shots and be a bit competitive. I'm enjoying the challenge, the effort and being social with a good group of guys.

In the end, maybe I am ticking off "bucket list" events and finding my time to keep fit, but now it is in a different way and a good balance between solitude and social.

Get out there and just keep following passion and chasing dreams...

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