Thursday, July 31, 2014

Why So Sensitive?

Has social media and readily available ability to communicate an opinion or disseminate information created a thin skin for many?

CrossFit, Your Insecurity Is Showing

When CrossFit denied our request to cover the 2014 CrossFit Games, we decided to look into the organization's long history of bullying anyone who dares to ask the hard questions—or look too closely.


As I've written before, popularity of fitness fads and competitions is fleeting so Crossfit must relish the spotlight now because in 15 years we all might get a good laugh.

 "Describe our act in one word: WE'RE HOT!":

Even being aired on ESPN doesn't guarantee success or longevity.

Great Outdoor Games was a series of televised outdoor games created by ESPN
The program was cancelled in 2006.

Why be so defensive during your moment in the spotlight, clearly making money and having a legion of zealots isn't a bad thing, right?

Bloomberg BusinessWeek
Is CrossFit Dangerous?

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