Thursday, February 5, 2015

Three I'm Digging #4

I was lucky enough to get an invite to be a Beta tester for the new virtual reality cycling platform Zwift a few months ago.

As excited as I was to try it out, I had to wait as my bike was in repairs for a bottom bracket shell that came unbonded.

So, while my bike went through the process at Calfee Carbon Repair, I downloaded the game and eagerly waited for my bike to return and be rebuilt.

Finally, just in the last two weeks Calfee sent the bike back, looking as good as ever, and my bike shop built it back up. It was time to ride...

This program is really cool! I'm adicted and managed to squeeze in a ride in the land of Zwift everyday since getting my bike back. I've tried it while on a 'dumb' trainer as well as the rollers.

$TBD - In beta right now, sign up for invitation

Embracing technology while maintaining the ability to take written notes without being encumbered with too my items to carry around. The DODOcase Folio is my everyday, go everywhere solution. The products from DODOcase are exceptional.

DODOcase Folio
$124.95 (ipad mini/Nexus 7)
$149.95 (ipad air and ipad air 2)

Speaking of rollers referenced above, I am a huge fan of the Inside Ride E-Motion rollers. I first got mine back in 2007 or 2008 so they are not the newer compact footprint, but work just the same.

If you do any sort of inside training on a bike, these blow the doors off trainers (I sometimes still use a CycleOps Fluid2 Trainer when tired, recovering or multi-tasking) and give the sensation of being on the road.

Inside Ride E-Motion Rollers
$900 ($747 for TWO or more with code GROUP at checkout) - both include shipping

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