Friday, April 24, 2015

Three I'm Digging #8

I swear warmer weather is coming...right!?!?

In the event that it does arrive and I'm not looking for every piece of clothing to keep myself warm, I have broken out the "no-show" socks. In the past, I've had issues with socks claiming to be"no-show" showing, slipping off my heal and balling up in my shoe.

I've been wearing some new Taft socks and find them to have solved my issues.

Taft Socks
$42.00 for Men's Basic 4-Pack


It has been a few months since I received my Fluidstance Level, so I've had some time to test it out.

I love this thing and have found the benefits of the constant shifting and motion as opposed to standing still all day. It takes a little time to get accustom to the added height and motion, but I've mastered "the spin" and find it keeps me from getting stiff and standing in one place for too long.

The Original Handmade Level


This is an oldie but a goodie!

I leapt back into racing with a local mountain bike race this past weekend. I rode my trusted Spot Brand single speed and had an absolute blast...and...didn't do to bad with a top 10 finish overall.

Spot make some awesome bikes and the Gates Carbon Drive belt is amazing. Smooth, quiet, no skip, no lube, no fuss.
My Spot Rocker SS is a few years old, but still turns heads and elicits a conversation where ever I go.

Spot Rocker SS/Belt Drive
$ No longer in production, but the Honey Badger SS looks sweet at $2599

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