Wednesday, May 20, 2015


*DISCLAIMER: I look at running shoes a lot like ski boots. Because we all have different foot types, running forms and terrain choices, we all seek different comfortfeatures and performance from our footwear. Like choosing a ski boot, it is important to visit a retailer who will take the time to analyze your foot and running style to allow you to select a shoe that might be the right choice. But, only after running a few times in the selected shoe can you determine if it is the right one.

*I love getting new shoes. I love opening the box, the smell, how clean they are and their seemingly perfect fit when you first slip them on. And, more often than not, the first run (or even first few runs) in a new pair of shoes your mind is in a state of euphoria, which is why I wait until I have at least 25 miles run in pair of shoes before determining how right they are for me and then reviewing for others.


MSRP: $150

"Inspired by our athletes’ demand for a lightweight, fast ride that still provides a high level of cushioning, the HUAKA delivers for runners wanting an extremely efficient ride with minimal weight. Featuring our state-of-the-art RMAT® midsole for exceptional durability and a seamless SpeedFrame upper, the Huaka is a great companion for your faster road or trail mileage."

Ever since my first run in these shoes I've been waiting for my self imposed 25 mile trial period to pass so that I could share how awesome I think these shoes are.

I've been a fan of HOKA ONE ONE shoes since first trying them. There have been some subtleties that have kept each model from being perfect. The HUAKA model is the best model I've run in yet.

These fit me like a glove. My foot nestles down in the footbed and feels wrapped in the seamless upper with no lace hot spots or tongue pressure points. The ride is smooth and and responsive. I am finding that I am more efficient with a neutral zero drop set up. Now that we are in the warmer months, the mesh upper breaths well and dries as you run so there is minimal moisture build up.

Again the lace system is a turn off; I cut them out and put in the included real laces. The zero drop platform is smooth and responsive at a casual pace as well as when pushing the pace with intervals. The tread pattern is nice and looks to provide some traction when mixing things up from road to trail. I like the loop in the heal to pull the shoe on snug, although I have not raced a triathlon in these I think the loop feature would be a huge benefit.

Very responsive and smooth. A great all-around shoe for those that prefer the zero drop platform.

I love this shoe and have added it to my regular rotation of favorites.

6/15/2015 UPDATE
I'm still a huge fan of this shoe, but a few things have come up now that I've put over 100 miles on them. The fabric in the tongue is super soft and tends to curl or fold if you are in a hurry and don't deliberately situate foot inside shoe.
Also, the tread is showing serious signs of wear only after 100 miles.

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