Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Finding Inspiration

My brother sent me the book THE LEDGE by Jim Davidson and Kevin Vaughn a few weeks ago and I finally got the chance to read it this past weekend and really enjoyed it.

Even if you've never climbed or been on Mount Rainier this book will grip you and provide life lessons when facing personal and/or professional adversity.

If you have climbed and been on Mount Rainier you will feel even more connection to the description of the process of the climb, elements and emotions. You will also find great motivation in the application of climbing principles to life in and out of business.

"Climbing - whether on rock, ice, or snow - is a carefully orchestrated dance between partners. It requires teammates with skill, patience, determination, and strength, both mental and physical. It requires partners who can work together even when the mountain blocks their view of each other, or when howling wind and driving rain sweep away shouted instructions."

My mind kept referring back to the climb I did on the mountain and summit on Father's Day 2004 - exactly eight years after Jim and Mike reached the summit.

The core tenants of Davidson's epilogue and motivational speaking resonate so perfectly.

Acting with determination means finding confidence even when experiencing doubts.
When facing problems/issues, take action. No sitting back and hoping someone else will come along and fix things.
Push on, no matter what. When you don't think you can go further or do more, you can.
The ultimate resource for survival and success. 
In the short-term it will be resilience that will that helps bounce back from setbacks and provides strength to continue. In the long-term it provides the foundation to return to normal life  after disappointment and loss.

This is an excellent book and I highly recommend it.

I'll always remember being on top of this mountain and now find more motivation from what it takes to endure and overcome challenges.

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