Monday, September 14, 2015

Three I'm Digging #10

It's not often that I travel with my bike in/on my car. Previously I had a special hitch mount installed on our Chevrolet Volt.

It was an awesome set up, but became less useful when we moved from having a garage to store my Kuat rack in La Jolla back to NYC where storage and hauling a rack up and down an elevator became more of a chore (Happy to sell my KUAT NV for a deal if interested - just sitting in a storage room gathering dust).

After a few trips putting my bike in the car, leaving my bike at home because of no room in the car and using a borrowed rack, I took to looking for a simple solution outside of installing mount towers and bars on our car.

I had seen the SeaSucker product before, but just could not bring myself to trust the suction cups when traveling down the highway. I finally made the decision to try them out.  After the first few times mounting my bikes and having a nervous wonder while driving, I have come to trust this system and love the size and connivence.

SeaSucker Mini Bomber Bike Rack

I've worn a lot of cycling kits throughout the years. Some have been good, some not so good and now I've found one that is great.

It seems as though many kits have been shortening the sleeve length, so much so that I feel like I'm wearing a child's t-shirt. The Jaggad brand out of Australia has designed and manufactured a superb kit with real sleeves, awesome materials, a nice chamois and beautiful fit.

Jaggad Cycling Kit
Jersey: $179.95
Bibs: $189.95

This summer I've taken a little break from racing and training for endurance events. I've been playing a little more golf (I'm still terrible), a little tennis and swimming a ton.

My previous golf shoes were some of the new casual sneaker-looking shoes and while comfortable, they looked an awful lot like nurses shoes.

I have alway been a fan of the old school leather wingtip and saddle golf shoes, but it seems the trend is toward high-tech space shoes.

I recently got a pair of the VivoBarefoot Linx shoes. While the minimalist feel and thin feeling sole take some time to get accustom to, they are very comfortable and have performed much better than the game I play. I like they way they look; while not exactly traditional classic wingtips, they add a little style.


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