Monday, November 16, 2015

Three I'm Digging #11

We are approaching the holiday season so this will be my last 'Three I'm Digging' before compiling a bit of a 'Best of' list for holiday gift giving...maybe for next week...

It has been a long, long time since I put on the hockey pads and took to the ice. I've played a little pick up pond hockey and skated around on our backyard rink, but putting on the pads and getting into the mix with a bunch of players is a whole different animal...and set of muscles.

There have been a lot of changes to equipment since I last owned gear, especially goalie gear. With no desire to relive the days of having hard rubber pucks aimed at me and purposely putting my body in front of them, I have decided to try my skills at playing "out" and being a puck shooter.

Completely new to the equipment and skates for playing a different position, I took to local hockey store to get set up. One piece of gear that has changes and combined three items previously used are the Bauer Jock shorts. No more individual compression shorts, jock and garter belt. This is an all-in-one solution and I'm digging!

Bauer Elite Senior Compression LOCKJOCK Short with Cup


I'm a big time sweat machine when I train and have experienced a lot of dehydration. I have experimented with a number of products to combat this nutritional need.

Through experimentation and many training miles suffering through 'gut rot' and suboptimal results I, at one point, created my own concoction of watered down orange juice and table salt.

One day, my brother gave me a silver bag with a big red 'X' on the front that he had received from professional rider Christian Vande Velde - an Electrolyte & Fluid Replacement Beverage...

I tried the Secret Drink Mix out and knew I had possibly found the solution to my needs. It was a great tasting product and delivered a good amount of sodium and I had no stomach discomfort. I was able to order more product online and became a regular customer.

Now the brand has changed its name from SDM to Skratch Labs and they have an awesome assortment of flavors and delivery methods as well as cookie mix, cookbooks, water bottles, etc. to round out nutritional needs.

Resealable bag - $19.50
Single serving $1.95
Box of 20 Single Serving packs - $35.00


You will find many place here that I extol the qualities and enjoyment of the Inside Ride emotion rollers (not quite sure the word 'enjoyment' belong alongside roller training):

Since I've started using Zwift and becoming a more active participant in the community, I was putting my body, equipment, people around my and workout at risk trying to type, use 'power ups' and access the game platform. Wanting to maintain the floating and motion of the Inside Rollers, I purchased the fork stand.

An easy on and off accessory to use when I want to be more 'hands on' with the Zwift game or when I want to 'free ride' the rollers as they intend to be ridden.



Unfiltered Dregs said...

A fork stand defeats the purpose of rollers. Might as well buy a cheap trainer if your concern is Zwift versus technique.

Bouker Pool said...

The fork stand is easy on and off. A much less expensive and convenient option then owning and riding a 'trainer' or rollers when I want.