Tuesday, January 12, 2016

RoadAir Mini Pump - Review - More Than Just a Bike Pump

PRODUCT: RoadAir Mini Pump

MSRP: $29.95

"✓ LIFETIME WARRANTY. When you buy our RoadAir mini bike pump you get lifetime warranty plus 100% protection of you money. If you have any problem with our mini pump, do know that we are here for you- Satisfaction Guarantee!
✓ EBOOK GIFT - The mini bike pump comes with a free ebook to guide you about its perfect use. The book, titled "Cycling For Life" will provide some great cycling hacks with productive workout routines and gear guides.
✓ COMFORTABLE & EASY TO USE - RoadAir tire pump features a sleek design which makes the product easy to use for anyone. With a simple design, you can use this tire pump to refill your bike tires and hit the road without wasting any time. The mini bike pump is extremely compact and lets you change the valve type PRESTA & SCHRADER as per your preference.
✓ TOUGH AND DURABLE - This portable bike pump made from strong aluminium alloy, this bike pump from RoadAir will last for years, providing a long lasting and durable usage. Easy to use, the bicycle pump is compact and will make you fix your flat bike tire on the road, without any trouble.
✓ STRONG MOUNT & ACCESSORIES - The bike pump comes with a strong mouth to keep the mini bike pump attached to your bicycle, no matter where you take it. ACCESSORIES - With the bike pump, you will find a Hidden Compartment Storage at the black handle of the RoadAir bicycle pump, within the compartment you will find the following three parts: Presta valve, Inflating needle and Tapered nozzle. can be used to serve different purposes, like for inflating balloons, pool toys, or to fill a basketball."

Simple packaging with bike mounting bracket and screws included.

While I'm not one for carrying a pump attached to my bike, the installation is easy and straight forward. The pump is bigger than the Topeak Micro Rocket Pump I prefer to stash in my jersey pocket, the RoadAir easily fit in my CamelBak and is a similar size to my current mountain bike Crank Bros Power Alloy pump.

This is where this little pump is different from all the others. The pullout flexible hose and attachments make this much more than a bike pump. It is nice to not have to try to fit my fist with a bulky pump nozzle between spokes and then hold it steady to not rip the stem from the tube and/or bend the stem valve.
The additional attachments and simple storage compartment allow this pump to replace the need to have multiple pumps and easy to stash in a travel bag.
Features I like:
1.  Pull out flexible hose;
2.  Storage compartment for attachments.

There are a few features this pump lacks that I like/need:
1.  Size, not quite small enough to hide in a jersey pocket;
2.  The lack of a pressure gauge to hit an exact psi;
3.  As strictly a cycling pump is the hose and attachments need to be able to screw on to your presta or schrader valve and will not work on valve extenders.

Pumping up bike tires is simple and effective with this pump. I took far fewer pumps to inflate a road tire than the Micro Pump and was on par with the "High Volume" setting on the Crank Bros pump when pumping up a mountain bike tire.

This little pump is a solid option and a good price if you don't mind a pump on your frame, don't need a psi gauge and do not ride with valve extenders. 
I would love to see if RoadAir could add a 'Micro' size pump with a pressure gauge that fit valve extenders to the product line, then we might find perfection.


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Thanks for the post! I also have the Topeak Micro Rocket Pump that I can easily stash inside my jacket. Very compact and yes, it has never let me down before. I was reading your article and saw the pros of the RoadAir Mini Pump although as you've said, it's bigger than the Topeak so that might be a problem for me. But I think it's a good pump nonetheless, although I don't think I want to part with my Topeak just yet. By the way, here's a review of the best mini bike pump if you need some more options: http://myoutdoorslife.com/gear/biking/best-mini-bike-pump.html