Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Three I'm Digging #13

Been on a bit of a hiatus from writing with a lot going on, but that has only allowed me to find more products I dig and to share here.

I spent a good portion of spring and early summer riding my bike in preparation for the Wilmington Whiteface 100k mountain bike race (Check out my race recap here). The race is a qualifier for the the Leadville 100 mtb race and since I've done that race before, I thought it might be fun/interesting to change up the equipment a bit and go for it on a single speed.

I still love my early version Spot Brand Rocker 29er SS.

Here is the new version:
Rocker SS 29
Complete Bike: $3,199
Frame Only: $1,199

If you are in the market for a new carbon full suspension rig, I would highly recommend checking out the new Spot Brand offering:
Complete Bike: $6,499
Frame With Rear Shock: $2,999

After a good ten months out of the water, I have found my way back into swimming. After dealing with some lingering tendonitis in a shoulder and elbow, I decided to bite the bullet and shut down swimming to see if that was the root of the pain. So far, so good; albeit, I'm taking a very gradual approach to effort, distance and time in the water.

I treated myself to a new training drag suit since one of my old ones had lost its battle with chlorine and neglect. While picking up a few items at Swimmer's Choice here on Long Island for my son, I spotted some cool looking suits and was able to get a patriotic design on sale.

Dolfin Dragsters Stars Male Poly
SALE - $18.75


Along with swimming, I am making the attempt to build back some running form and speed. Maybe not the best plan for the heat of summer, but I really love getting out at sunrise in the summertime.

Over the years I have tried every shirt imaginable and I constantly come back to one. Most shirts get heavy, clingy and uncomfortable once saturated with sweat and water on a hot humid run; sometimes that contributes to nipple chafe...brutal.

This Patagonia shirt tends to work the best for me and doesn't cost a fortune.

Patagonia Men's Short-sleeved Fore Runner Shirt

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