Friday, October 14, 2016

Three I'm Digging #14

Between my mountain bikes, beach cruiser, my wife's bikes and my son's growing fleet, we have gone through a lot of bike bells. Yes, bike bells. As random as this sounds, a good bike bell is necessary in a number of different situations. Outside of my son constantly ringing his throughout a family ride, I find a good bike bell as a necessary accessory to most bicycles as the bell warns others of your approach on trails and streets and makes you and/or a child more "visible".
My wife saw the Knog Oi Bike Bell on Kickstarter almost a year and a half ago. We just got the two we ordered and, so far, I am impressed with their size, look and more big ugly space satellite on the handlebars.

We received an Amazon Alexa last year as a gift and it sat in the box for about 4 months as I was hesitant to add anymore technology to our house and, to be honest, figured we'd plug it in, use if for a short amount of time and then it would just collect dust.
So, after ignoring it for a few months, I got curious and read up on the product. I was intrigued by the services and capabilities so I plugged it in and introduced "Alexa" to the family. My 7-year-old son thought it was the coolest thing ever and figured out that he could easily get some answers to his homework. He wasn't too keen on the name "Alexa" so he chose to rename his new friend "Echo."
To this day, there has not been one day to go by where we have not used "Echo" a number of times throughout the day. It is a pretty amazing product and only gets smarter and more useful over time.

Amazon Alexa


Back in April of 2015 in "Three I'm Digging #8" I wrote about Taft Clothing's very first product, the 'no show' socks that I and then my wife purchased and love. Since then, I have been following the Taft Clothing brand as they expand and introduce more products. I love their story and am a huge fan of everything on their site; it is so well thought out and unique.
When they first shot out a picture of The Chief shoe on their Instagram account, I immediately put in a pre-order for a number of reasons: #1 they are cool looking and so different, #2 My dog's name is Chief and #3 my grandfather's name is Chief!

Taft Shoes - The Chief

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