Monday, May 8, 2017

Three I'm Digging #15

Over the years, with all the running, skiing, cycling and standing, I have become acutely aware that it is all about the feet, and when your feet are hurt, broken or tired, it is extremely irritating and you cannot perform at your best.

Additionally, when your feet are hurt or uncomfortable it has an affect on the entire body and consequently could lead to other issues and injuries.

As a ski instructor, many years ago, I found amazing benefit from having the very best footbeds to help with boot fit, alleviate fatigue and help with performance. I have not gone a day since without insoles in my boots.

Shortly after understanding the impact footbeds, I incorporated them into other performance equipment like my cycling shoes.

Sole Footbeds

Speaking of skiing and cycling, cycling shoes are a lot like ski boots. The fit depends on how different brands fit your unique foot.

Over the years, I have had great fitting shoes and have suffered with marginally fitting shoes. One of my first pairs was the Sidi Genius and I LOVED those shoe. I wore them till the bitter end and they just fell apart (about 8 years of thousands of miles a year riding).

Instead of investing in another pair of Sidis I went the price route and moved to Pearl Izumi and Carnac.

Nothing compared to the Sidis, but I made due and with proper footbeds I could better dial in the fit and they were better than adequate.

Recently, I was given a pair of Giro Prolight SLX II shoes as a gift and think I have found the Sidi equivalent.

I have logged close to 2,000 miles in these shoes so far in 2017.

Giro Prolight SLX II

Regardless of what we do athletically, our feet bare the brunt of our actions; whether it be running, skiing, cycling or just running around the yard in bare feet.

Over the years, I have been good and bad taking particularly good care of my feet, especially clipping my toenails so to not have them dig in to their neighbor toes while squeezed into my running shoes.

I also noticed that my toes would rub together on longer runs and would get sore, blistered and eventually create calluses between each one.

In an attempt to suffer less and keep my toes happy, I tried Injinji toe socks and have found them to be extremely helpful in keeping my toes happy and saving me when I forget to clip my toenails.

Injinji Toe Socks

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