Monday, October 2, 2017

C.L.I.M.B Fat Tire Festival 2017

EVENT REVIEW – C.L.I.M.B Fat Tire Festival
Communing with nature and riding bikes…
This was a weekend of events with the C.L.I.M.B Fat Tire Festival on Saturday and the Brands Cycle & Fitness Muddy Tire race on Sunday.

My buddy Scott and I decided to make a camping weekend of it with our boys.

Saturday – C.L.I.M.B Fat Tire festival

Sign-up/Price: I renewed my membership to C.L.I.M.B a few weeks prior so it was easy as visiting a table to get the necessary wrist bands for the BBQ. I think my family membership is $45 for the year. It is well worth it to support an organization that does so much for the Long Island mountain bike community and provides the opportunity to have such great access to trails.

Pre-Event Communication: I used the C.L.I.M.B website and forum to get most of my questions answered. There were a few things that came out in the emails that caused confusion and needed some clarification as it related to camping and how accessible campsite were. This is an awesome location and the camping is fun to make a weekend family activity out of it, it should be publicized more.

Packet Pick-Up: N/A

Goodie Bag: N/A

Venue: AWESOME! Cathedral Pines is a very cool park with a ton of trail miles that suit all abilities. The open space is great to be able to see what is going on and have a focal point of all activities.

Course: (Kids Race) Great distance and not too tough for younger less experienced riders.

Course Markings & Volunteers: (Kids Race) Course was not marked and even though they took the group of kids on a preview lap, kids got confused on where to go. Would be nice to mark the kids course to make them feel like it is a real event.

Finisher Medals: Great. Perfect little rubber ‘medal’ for kids.

Post-Race Food:  N/A. 

Medical:  N/A

Race Photos: None for the kids race, would have been nice but I was able to get some good shots with my phone.

Post- Event Communication: 
None so far

Travel: Easy drive out on the LIE.

 Great day for the family. Would be nice to move some of the rides and adult activities later in the day to allow more people to travel out. People brining families don’t get out of the house on weekend mornings quite as fast as those without.

We all headed out Saturday morning on what started out as a beautiful day. Part way through our drive East on the LIE there was a torrential rain storm and we had doubts about our luck at the event site.

Arriving at Cathedral Pines State Preserve Park, we got a camping spot and set up camp while our boys took off on their mountain bikes to explore. After we were all settled we headed over to the Fat Tire Festival, got the boys signed up for the kids’ race, checked out the booths and took part in the lunch BBQ. After lunch Scott took all the boys out for a ride on the trails while I hopped in the car to run an errand (had to pick up the ashes of our recently deceased dog at a nearby funeral home). Scott, boys and I all made it back in time to make our way to the start line for the kids’ race.

The boys did great. My son had a digger on the parade lap that needed some TLC, but he was a trooper, bloody knee and all.

Once the kids racing had concluded the skies decided to open up. We took the opportunity to pile in the car and head to the nearby grocery for cookout supplies. The timing was perfect as we got back to the campground the rain stopped and I was able to get a fire going in the fire pit.

The boys could not get enough of riding their bikes to find sticks and then come back to carve them up with their Swiss army knife. Scot and I drank beers and got dinner ready. Burgers, hot dogs, chili and beans filling the stomach we made room for s’mores and more beer. The boys ran around in the dark with flashlights having a blast.

We retired to our tents, Scot and one of his son’s in his two-man tent and me with my son and Scott’s other son in our three-man tent. After some rough-housing and storytelling we all fell asleep.

I love sleeping outside. The air, the sounds and the environment. There is not much more relaxing sleep than in the middle of nowhere in a tent.

The boys woke us all up at 6:30 the next morning and we were full speed with campfire, bagels and coffee cakes right away.

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