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Motiv Fitness Tracker Ring - UPDATED

UPDATES at bottom of review

Product: Motiv Fitness Tracker Ring

MSRP: Price: $199

Description: An activity tracker that's always on

On for all the hours of your day. Be inspired to meet your goals and have a better understanding of your body and overall health - without sacrificing style or comfort.

Durable and waterproof
Battery life typical use 3 days*
Activity tracking, adding and editing

I had high hopes for this product, only furthered by the positive early reviews. Unfortunately, this product and especially the consumer experience on the app was disappointing.

I have tried a number of fitness trackers like Fitbit and Jawbone, but have never seen much use for them as I normally wear a true sports watch (Garmin, Polar, Tom Tom, etc.) when I workout and have never needed to track my steps throughout the day. Additionally, I like wearing a tradition ‘style’ watch when not training and adding a ‘bracelet’ to my wrist has never appealed to me.

More recently, I have been increasingly interested in my sleep and how it is effected by various environmental, dietary and activity choices. I initially, and now continue to, use the phone app Sleep Cycle.

Curious about how accurate the data is from this app and looking to dig deeper with something connected to my body, reading and providing a true tangible metric such as heart rate, I began looking for options.

At first, I tried wrist based product but since I never sleep with a watch or anything else on my wrist, it became more of a distraction.

When I can across the Motiv ring I was intrigued and signed up to get one as soon as they were in production.

After a few months I was notified that my sizing set was on its way. The day after I got the notification email the package arrived in the mail. I initially tested the various sizes on a few different fingers and then settled on the most comfortable and wore the sample ring for a few days and nights to see how it felt throughout all my daily activities.

Once I was comfortable with the size and finger choice, I made the order of the actual ring on the app and a few days later it arrived.

The box was a little beat up, but nice packaging. 
Felt premium.

The packaging and presentation was sleek and fitting of the $200 price tag. I charged up the ring, got it synced with my app and got into full daily activity test mode.

I had no issue with the way it looked and didn’t feel like it distracted me during my daily activities or at night while I slept.

After the first full day and night, I was eager to check my data and see what it had to say about my activity and in particular my sleep.

I was completely underwhelmed and disappointed in the app and ring’s performance. There were a ton of gaps in heart rate readings, it gave me no sense of deep sleep, light sleep, waking up, just an approximate amount of time I slept and average heart rate number.

I could only wish to sleep for 9h 21m!

When I looked at how it tracked during my workouts I was equally underwhelmed and disappointed to find that the amount of time it tracked and heart rate reading were way off. I wore a chest heart rate strap and Garmin watch to be able to compare.

I rode my bike rollers for 1:23:35 
with an average Heart Rate of 124 according to my Garmin

The ring fit well, it was not too loose, if anything it was on the tight side and did not slip or twist much.

I understand the product is not meant to replace a training device and is meant as a general activity tracker, but the user interface is way too basic for a $200 price. Optical heart rate tracking has also had its flaws, but products such as the Tom Tom Sports watch that I have used with it have been reliable and accurate.
Unreliable data and very minimalist and basic app function 
make this a no go at $200!

I have sent my ring back for a refund and will keep my eye out for something else.


Per the Motiv website and return procedure, I contacted them for a "Return Merchandise Authorization (RMS) on October 2nd and received the information on the 3rd.

You may exchange or return your Motiv Ring for any reason within 45 days of receipt of your ring for a full refund.   No need to return your Motiv Ring Sizing Set.  You can recycle it or share it with a friend.

  • Contact our Customer Care at to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and a prepaid return shipping label.
  • Carefully pack the product with all accessories originally included with your purchase so that it will not be damaged during shipping. We suggest using the original packaging if possible.
  • Print and affix the provided return shipping label to your return package.
  • Drop the package in any USPS mail box.
  • Once we have notification of receipt of your return package, we’ll issue you a refund.
  • You will get an exchange or refund confirmation email with your transaction details once the return has been received.

I packaged the ring up and dropped off at the post office on the 4th. A week passed and I had heard nothing from the company and had not seen the refund hit my credit card, so I sent the company an email.
No reply from the company and no refund processed almost two weeks after returning the ring, I have had to dispute the charge with my credit card company to get my $199 returned.


After disputing this charge on my credit card Motiv contested the dispute forcing me through more hoops to get my money back.

I provided the package tracking number and proof of its delivery to the Motiv offices. During this a Motiv representative emailed me:
Hi Bouker,
Thanks for following up about your refund. I'm so sorry you haven't received that yet!
I'm seeing from the USPS tracking number that it was marked as delivered in San Francisco. However, we never received the return, which prevented your refund from being processed.

Not to worry, sometimes this happens with USPS. I've escalated to a supervisor, who can process your refund for you. We'll get back to you as soon as that's done, hopefully within 1 business day.

They then emailed me back to let me know that because I had disputed the charge with the credit card company and they were contesting that dispute, they could not process a refund and I would need to wait for it to resolve itself or contact the credit card company to drop the dispute.

Never once did they offer to go the extra step to drop their contest of the dispute and get me my refund ASAP.

I have contacted my credit card company to drop the dispute and have email Motiv to process the refund...still waiting...


It took forever, but after constant follow up, Motiv finally issued me a credit for the ring AFTER SEVEN MONTHS. You might want to consider this prior to doing business with this group.

The Oura Ring looks to be a better buy than Motiv

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