Friday, May 11, 2018

The North Face Endurance Challenge Series - Bear Mountain 50 Miler

The North Face Endurance Challenge Series - Bear Mountain, New York (50 Mile version)
Big brands and companies don't care about the customer.

Sign-up/Price:  Easy sign-up. Fair price for an event with these type of logistics and access to significant terrain.

Pre-Event Communication:  Good communication. Easy to follow through social media and timely emails.

Packet Pick-Up:  Simple and straight forward at The North Face retail location in NYC.

Goodie Bag:  Pathetic virtual goodie bag with only two paltry discount coupons. Physical race packet had nice buff and the reusable collapsible cup but nothing else. Disappointing.

Venue:  AWESOME. Outside of having to park a ways away and take a shuttle to the race village, this place was beautiful and perfect to accomodate an event of this type.

Course:  Tough! Not a looped course, so every section was different and all equally challenging.

Course Marking & Volunteers: Excellent course marking and directional signage. Volunteers were good but too few as aid stations were backed up and lacking staff to look after runners.

Finisher Medals: Terrible. They gave everyone the same medal just with a different ribbon. You'd think they could do something a little better for 50 mile runners.

Race Photos: Good photos, but who is going to spend an additional $70 for theirs?

Post-Race Food:  The finish village was basically shutting down by the time the final finishers were coming in so there was no post-race food for us.

Medical:  Excellent medical. I had a stumble on course and ripped a pretty nasty gash on my right forearm. Medical took care of it and were extremely nice.

Post- Event Communication: Nothing yet outside of please buy your race photos.

Travel: Not a bad drive from Long Island, although brutally early in the morning.

OVERALL: I would expect better from The North Face, but I guess it is a brand that likes to cut corners and maximize margin. The course, volunteers and scenery were the big winners. The North Face, Sierra Nevada and other sponsors left a lot to be desired. This event is geared toward the lesser distance runners and nothing special is done for the 50 mile runners. I'd rather support a small grassroots event director who makes the event special for everyone rather than one of these corporate shindigs that just takes your money and cheeps out on the rest.

RACE REPORT: Coming Soon

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